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Princeton will create original resource descriptions for a representative selection of items in the Derrida collection that include personal dedications addressed to Derrida. The items with dedications were significant to Derrida: he filled several rooms with them, stored in alphabetical order by author. The relationships encoded in these dedications will allow project participants to produce an RDF data set that can be used by scholars who are interested in studying Derrida’s social and intellectual networks.


  • Evaluate existing ontologies and models, specifically BIBFRAME and the Web Annotation Data Model.
  • Work with the RBMS Bibliographic Standards Committee and Cornell University Library to define an extension ontology (RBMO) for the description of rare materials.
  • Transform and convert EAD data and MARC records into BIBFRAME for a representative selection of items in the Derrida collection.
  • Create original or enhanced RDF descriptions for items in the previously identified subset of the Derrida collection that contain personal dedications.
  • Prototype a lightweight, standards-based online editing tool for linked data creation and enhancement.


  • Princeton LD4P team (librarians from Princeton University’s Cataloging & Metadata Services and Rare Books & Special Collections); Project coordinator: Princeton Cataloging & Metadata Services Director
  • Cornell University Library LD4P team
  • Representatives from the RBMS Bibliographic Standards Committee
  • Princeton Center for the Digital Humanities and related faculty


  • BIBFRAME extension ontology for original resource description of special collections materials
  • Data set comprising original or enhanced descriptions, published to a project triple store or made available through a published RDF data dump
  • EAD-to-BIBFRAME conversion scripts, published to a code-sharing repository like GitHub
  • Code and documentation for the Cataloger’s Workbench Editor, published to a code-sharing repository like GitHub