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Birge Michaela Wolf, Doris Lange, Thorsten Michaelis, Andrea Moser, Stefanie John, Andreas Abecker, Stefan Lossow, Lucia Hahne, Andrea Bollini, Giuseppe Digilio, Susanna Mornati. (2021, June). Introduce Impact-Pathways in a CRIS – support societal impact orientation in research projects and funding processes. Presented at the Open Repositories 2021 (OR 2021). Video: (starting at: 0h 51' 37"). Poster:

(see also contributions to DSpace at OR2021 here: DSpace 7 at OR2021)

Open Repositories 2020

DSpace-CRIS 7: What is Coming? – presented on June 3 in virtual session: "Aligning repository networks to support international sharing of COVID-19 resources and other current issues" (video recording, starting at 1h32'53'', slides