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The first open-source release of DSpace-CRIS was based on DSpace 1.8.2. Current releases of DSpace-CRIS are based on current DSpace 7.6.1.

titleCurrent release

The latest release is DSpace-CRIS 7 2023.02.04 dated May, 3031st 2024

This version provides minor improvements and bug fixing.

For previous DSpace versions the latest available tags are 5.11 and 6.4 both released on the August, 30th 2022 just after the release of the corresponding DSpace 6.4 and/or 5.11.  Please note that all the DSpace-CRIS versions based on DSpace versions older than 7.0 are End of Life (EOL) according to the corresponding DSpace announcement: Support for DSpace 5 and 6 is ending in 2023

Below there is a detailed release plan covering all the known features contributed by 4Science and other community members who support the enhancement of this open-source extension of DSpace (see: DSpace-CRIS Working Group). 

A visit to the community page maintained by DSpace-CRIS users is also recommended:

New functionalities are only developed for DSpace-CRIS 7.


DSpace-CRIS 7 2023.02.04 May, 31st

This version, released on the 31st May 2024, provides minor improvements and bug fixing.

Key Enhancements

  • Implemented a custom minting feature. It’s now possible to generate DOI identifiers using custom rules before registering them with Datacite. You can define your own rules for creating DOI identifiers based on specific metadata, naming conventions, or other criteria. Default item filters could also be used to specify conditions under which the custom-generated DOI identifier should be applied
  • Metadata export has been updated to reflect the latest changes in the Datacite metadata schema v4.5.
  • Publisher element will include the ROR identifier if available. ResourceType uses a mapping based on the COAR Resource Type Vocabulary URI instead of the textual value so that it is language insensitive
  • Add support for nesting relation and if within a group in the RefererCrosswalk export templates
  • The group rendering in the template engine has been extended to manage children group: relation and if. Moreover, placeholders are ignored in export instead of being exported as an empty string
  • Added support/configuration for authority lookup to display icons and labels for the source of each retrieved entry
  • When using metadata enhancement by the authority lookup, it’s now possible to display and select alternative entries, if any
  • We have introduced indexes in the database to optimize the performance of the RelatedItemEnhancerUpdatePoller
  • Improved S3 connector:
    • Added support for different storage URL than the default Amazon URL
    • Added support for setting the maximum number of connections
    • Added support for settings the connection timeouts
  • Added support for Datadog Real User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Ported the SolrSuggestAuthority from the old DSpace version
  • Added support for AddToAny plugin for sharing posts on social media

Minor changes

  • Highly enhanced logo editing for community and collections
  • Changed the dc.subject label from "Subject Classifications" to "Subject Keywords"
  • Hidden bitstreams are no longer shown in the item on the full metadata page
  • Added support/configuration for authority dropdown to allow the display of icons and labels for each retrieved entry
  • Integrated Mathjax for supporting markdown text
  • The ROR integration also shows the country when providing suggestions in a field
  • When sharing an item page, the correct item thumbnail is exposed according to the cris layout configuration
  • Improve the aspect of the “tag” fields used by the submission form
  • It’s now possible to hide an item’s bitstream by the administrative bitstream edit page
  • Added additional configuration to enable versioning only on custom entities and to allow the creation of new versions of an item also to non-admin (check allowed group configuration)
  • Add support for Link input type. In the submission form It’s now possible to use a new input type “link” to store label as metadata value and link as authority. A related rendering type has been added for visualization on the item page
  • Configured Versioning BOX on item page for publication entities
  • Added dc.type badge on bitstreams during submission
  • Added a fallback behavior when some data loading is taking too much
  • Added possibility to show entity icon in the submission form when no authority is set
  • Languages enabled by default are only:
    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
  • The dc.publisher metadata is now using the OrgUnitAuthority that by default looks in the ROR Registry
  • Added separator for Authors' names in the MyDSpace result list
  • Adapted text case for attachment rendering to use title case (first letter uppercase)
  • Removes duplicated configuration values out of dspace.cfg file

Bug fixes

  • Fixed dc.type mapping for Scopus provider
  • Fixed the issue of showing a false error message when editing the End User Agreement
  • Fixed issue with the cancel button on some administrative pages
  • Added mock OpenAIRE connector for integration test to avoid failure due to service down
  • Fixed issue that prevented editing and viewing of EULA
  • Fixed issue with the download button shown also for not downloadable files
  • Fixed issue with the search box in Navbar, which exceeded the small screen borders
  • Added missing labels when importing Patents from EPO
  • Added missing labels when importing from ROR
  • Fixed issue with export in the MyDSpace page
  • Fixed issue with Collection exports when metadata has language attributes with underscores
  • Exporting collections containing items with metadata with language attributes that include underscores now works properly
  • Fixed accessibility problem in the submission form. Changed the color of the icon for better contrast if there is no authority
  • Fixed issue with Versioning alert box, which was missing in the item page of versioned item
  • Fixed the issue of the Bulk Export failing when exporting a collection with mapped items
  • Fixed visualization order of the metrics boxes on the item page
  • Fixed issue with Altmetrics badge, which sometimes wasn’t shown properly
  • Fixed issue with links in the versioning table, which were not resolved correctly and throws a 404 error when the page is loaded
  • Fixed issue with collapsible sidebar of vertical CRIS layout
  • Fixed issue with nested fields which were set with a confidence value of -1 when the authority value is chosen from the dropdown
  • Fixed errors while running the update-metrics script
  • Fixed issue with search page when filtering results via pie chart
  • Fixed issue with Community/collection logo. A max width has been defined and small images are no longer stretched

DSpace-CRIS 7 2023.02.03 March, 29th