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Comment: update roadmap as presented at Praxistreffen 2024


  • Processes tailored to the entity types
  • Many additional data providers
  • Support for structured metadata, ternary relationships and nested metadata
  • Configurable layout for entities in tabs and boxes
  • ORCID v3 complete integration (pull and push of profile information, publications, projects, employments, qualification)
  • Management of personal profiles
  • Granular permissions at metadata level
  • Enhanced statistics visualization, reports, export capabilities including CVs in PDF, citation lists according to the CSL, and much more.

Please check the release notes of each DSpace-CRIS version and the technical documentation for more details.

A presentation of the newly released DSpace-CRIS was given at Open Repositories:

slides: Video: (starting at: 1h 03' 55").

Next releases

DSpace-CRIS 2023.02.04 is expected by summer of 2024 if no urgent issues are reported first.

  • Update the correction and suggestion services with the result of the Openaire ELD Advanced project​ (postponed from 2023.02.00 to wait for review of the corresponding plain DSpace PRs)
  • Enhanced Signposting support for DSpace-CRIS
  • Improved Audit System: who, what, when with details up to which metadata has been changed from which value to which value​

  • Support for multilanguage hierarchical metadata: currently metadata within a nested (i.e. Orgunit name of an affiliation, role, etc.) are not shown according to the current UI language

  • Mechanism to track check / timestamp outside of metadata: several features need to store a timestamp as a technical metadata on the item to allow incremental processing. This is the case for example for bibliometric update, bibliographic scan, sync procedures. We will introduce a dedicated mechanism outside of metadata to avoid "update" of the item when no strictly needed​

  • Administer mode to edit metadata of any DSpace Object (Community, Collection, Bundle, Bitstream, EPerson, Group)​

  • Expose relation over the SPARQL/RDF endpoint​

  • Upgrade to the Datacite schema version 4.5

DSpace-CRIS 2024.01.00 TBD

  • COAR Notify 
  • based on a DSpace 8.0-snapshot commit t.b.d.

Unspecified versions (looking for funders / contributors)

by April (not to use in production)

  • COAR Notify
  • based on a DSpace 8.0-snapshot commit t.b.d.

DSpace-CRIS 2024.02.00 by Sept (stable and production ready)

  • aligned to DSpace 8.0

Unspecified versions (looking for funders / contributors)

  • Authorship Claim: provide a way for an user to claim its role over a publication, project, etc. (previously named publication/item claim in DSpace-CRIS 5 renamed as it collides with a different feature introduced in DSpace 8)
  • FAIRiCat
  • Resourcesync
  • collecting the contributor Roles (CredIT support)​

  • Enforce validation and management of hierarchical metadata via an application profile also in the administer mode and over the API (PUT)​

  • Collect metrics from the OpenCitation​

  • Integrate OpenAlex as a live and suggestion provider ​

  • Item Claim 
  • Resourcesync


DSpace-CRIS 7 2023.02.03 March, 29th

This version, released on the 29th of March 2024, provides minor improvements and bug fixing.

Key Enhancements

  • When linking a page of the repository, the use of a language can now be forced with a URL parameter (e.g lang=it)
  • Added the Communities and Collections section to the Admin menu for collection administrators when the section is not shown in the Navigation bar
  • Added a setting to enable/disable the Mirador download plugin. It is enabled by default
  • In items lists, thumbnails are embedded to avoid extra calls and slowdowns
  • Improved the responsiveness of metrics badge pop-ups on smaller screens
  • Added support for template Item in the struct builder script/configuration
  • Added configurable metadata of index-able item bitstreams on Solr
  • Lucky-search configuration now supports also redirect


  • to specific bitstream allowing to preserve URL of individual files moving from other platform to DSpace (i.e. EPrints)
  • DOIOrganiser performance improved
  • Allowed administrators to always perform PUT/Patches operations over items (in progress or archived)
  • Improved the performance of the item-enhancer script
  • Display the current metrics consents text for each badge
  • Implement component to visualize current consents for metrics badges in a compact way
  • Introduced the relatedItemMetadataFields attribute on org.dspace.content.enhancer.impl.RelatedEntityItemEnhancer
  • The relatedItemMetadataField property in metadata-enhancer.xml now uses a list of values
  • Item thumbnail preview is now disabled in MyDSpace item list
  • The behavior of RelatedItemEnhancer has been updated to reduce the amount of generated metadata retaining the ability to minimize load to determine required changes when the source item or the related items (deepMode = true) are updated. Now only distinct sources uuid are tracked and for each source it is possible to extract/generate one or more virtual metadata values that will be all stored individual as cris.virtual. metadata. The place of the cris.virtual. metadata always match the place of the corresponding uuid / authority from which the metadata is generated and that is stored in the cris.virtualsource.. Please note that there is no guarantee about the order of the cris.virtualsource. values, it can differs from the order of the original metadata from which the authorities have been extracted. For example, the publication with Authors: Author1, Author2, Author3 can lead to the following virtual :
    cris.virtualsource.<qualifier> = uuid3, uuid3, uuid1, uuid2, uuid2, uuid2
    cris.virtual.<qualifier> = value-extracted-from-author3, value2-extracted-from-author3, value-extracted-from-author1, 
    value-extracted-from-author2, value2-extracted-from-author2, value3-extracted-from-author2
  • Added support for pushing the Product entities to ORCID (donated by floriangantner - University of Bamberg)
  • Added support for pushing the Patent entities to ORCID (donated by floriangantner - University of Bamberg)
  • Updated deduplication configuration for the new data-quality add-on features.
  • During submission, autosave is triggered by changes on dc.type by default
  • Removed sortablejs library dependency


  • Fixed issue for which navigating to the item page during CSR could have led to a hard redirect of the page
  • Resolved the out of memory error during Angular build
  • Supervised items in MyDSpace are now listed correctly
  • Fixed the error appearing in Edit item update when there’s no submitter
  • Fixed the issue for which the authority value was not saved if controlled vocabulary was used in a not repeatable field
  • Fixed bug for rendering cris-layout-configuration breaking when the rendering was set on a field without the filtering metadata
  • Fixed rendering issue with item page with huge/large number of metadata
  • Added the template for the subscription statistics email previously hard-coded in the script
  • Fix the issue of facets disappearing in search page when a filter was selected
  • Fixed issue with type-bind when dc.type is provided by a metadata enrichment
  • Fixed issue with type-bind when dc.type is vocabulary controlled
  • Fixed issue for which Authority was not saved for repeatable fields

DSpace-CRIS 7 2023.02.02 February, 9th