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The first open-source release of DSpace-CRIS was based on DSpace 1.8.2. Current releases of DSpace-CRIS are based on current DSpace 7.5.

titleCurrent release

The latest release is DSpace-CRIS 7 2023.01.0001 dated JuneOctober, 94th 2023

This version, released on the 9th 4th  of  June October 2023, provides alignment with bug fixing and improvement to the 2023.01.00 version and it is still based on DSpace 7.5 tag, and includes improvements in social sharing, Layout configuration export, top bar menu configuration

For previous DSpace versions the latest available tags are 5.11 and 6.4 both released on the August, 30th 2022 just after the release of the corresponding DSpace 6.4 and/or 5.11.  Please note that all the DSpace-CRIS versions based on DSpace versions older than 7.0 are End of Life (EOL) according to the corresponding DSpace announcement: Support for DSpace 5 and 6 is ending in 2023

Below there is a detailed release plan covering all the known features contributed by 4Science and other community members who support the enhancement of this open-source extension of DSpace (see: DSpace-CRIS Working Group). 

A visit to the community page maintained by DSpace-CRIS users is also recommended:

New functionalities are only developed for DSpace-CRIS 7.


  • Processes tailored to the entity types
  • Many additional data providers
  • Support for structured metadata, ternary relationships and nested metadata
  • Configurable layout for entities in tabs and boxes
  • ORCID v3 complete integration (pull and push of profile information, publications, projects, employments, qualitificationsqualification)
  • Management of personal profiles
  • Granular permissions at metadata level
  • Enhanced statistics visualization, reports, export capabilities including CVs in PDF, citation lists according to the CSL, and much more.

Please check the release notes of each DSpace-CRIS version and the technical documentation for more details.

A presentation of the newly released DSpace-CRIS was given at Open Repositories:

slides: Video: (starting at: 1h 03' 55").

Next releases

DSpace-CRIS 2023.02.00 LTS is expected by mid-October 2023in the week of the 20th November 2023 (slightly delayed to wait for the release of DSpace 7.6.1)

  • sync with DSpace 7.6.1
  • Enhanced Signposting support for DSpace-CRIS
  • ROR Integration: lookup, import and exposure of the ROR iD in Datacite metadata, OAI-PMH and ORCID
  • ORCID Login Improvements from the GPF project (preview)
  • performance improvements on SSR
  • more friendly behavior with search engine for redirection / alternative item URLs
  • allow to configure different layout for the same entity according to the value of a configurable metadata as for instance dc.type

DSpace-CRIS DSpace-CRIS 2023.03.00 is expected by End  2023

  • COAR Notify 
  • Update the correction and suggestion services with the result of the Openaire ELD Advanced project​ (postponed from 2023.02.00 to wait for review of the corresponding plain DSpace PRs)
  • based on a DSpace 8.0-snapshot commit t.b.d.

Unspecified versions (looking for funders / contributors)

  • Item Claim 
  • Resourcesync


DSpace-CRIS 7 2023.01.01 October, 4th

Version released on 4th of October, provides minor changes and bug fixing

Key Enhancements

  • Improved UI responsivity
  • Dynamic Edit Mode evaluation based on custom filters
  • Advanced attachments layout improvements
  • Improved metric donuts layout in search
  • Improved categories in statistics section

Major improvements areas / bug fixes

  • Fixed search tools in mobile view
  • Scopus Improvements in import & NPE prevention
  • Improved Usability of small buttons in MyDspace page
  • Fixed request correction feature not removing bitstreams
  • Enabled the use of legacy OAI identifiers
  • Fixed Live import missing mapping features for fields
  • Fixed Sherpa Romeo policies changes not reflected
  • Datacite schema version update (v. 4)
  • Fixed APA generation with citeproc
  • Fixed End User Agreement showing twice

Based on DSpace tag 7.5 (backend) and 7.5 (front-end)

DSpace-CRIS 7 2023.01.00 June, 9th