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The first open-source release of DSpace-CRIS was based on DSpace 1.8.2. Current releases of DSpace-CRIS are based on current DSpace 7 snapshot, DSpace 5.10 11 and DSpace 6.3 4 versions.

titleCurrent release

The latest release is DSpace-CRIS 7 2022.01.0102 dated MarchAugust, 2nd 30th 2022

This version, released on the 6th Apr 2022, is aligned with DSpace 7.2.1 tag, which includes a security update for CVE-2022-22965 (Spring4Shell critical vulnerability). This version includes updates in metrics presentation and graphical facets.

For previous DSpace versions there are no official tags as an enourmous amount of improvements and new features was incorporated on running branches, including the alignment with the not-yet-released DSpace the latest available tags are 5.11 and 6.4 versions. For such reasons, new DSpace-CRIS releases will be tagged as soon as both released on the August, 30th 2022 just after the release of the corresponding DSpace 6.4 and/or 5.11 are out. .  Please note that all the DSpace-CRIS versions based on DSpace versions older than 7.0 are End of Life (EOL) according to the corresponding DSpace announcement: Support for DSpace 5 and 6 is ending in 2023

Below there is a detailed release plan covering all the known features contributed by 4Science and other community members who support the enhancement of this open-source extension of DSpace (see: DSpace-CRIS Working Group). 

A visit to the community page maintained by DSpace-CRIS users is also recommended:

New functionalities are preferably developed for DSpace-CRIS 7 but support for all versions accepted by the DSpace Community is provided. Institutions interested in enhancements for DSpace-CRIS 6.x and DSpace-CRIS 5.x are still welcome to contribute but a plan to implement or support the same use case with version 7 should be provided.


DSpace-CRIS 7 2022.01.02 August, 30th

This version, released on the 30th Aug 2022, is based on DSpace 7.2.1 tag. This version provide new features, improvements and fixes for several bugs.

Key Enhancements

  • Machine Token: it is now possible to generate a long lived JWT token that is independent from the session login, so that it can be used in external system to query the DSpace API without giving away your credentials. The new feature is accessible from the profile (user account) page. The machine token can be revoked by the user.
  • Multi-language support: visualization of metadata values according to the UI language with fallback to the default language and available values in other languages. Multi-language support is also available in the search and browse for metadata coming from vocabularies and value pairs (dropdown)
  • Manage bitstreams via the XLS BulkImport: support to edit bitstream metadata, attach, delete new files pointing to local folder configured in the server or remote location (via public ftp, sftp, http, https)
  • New fresh rendering for attachments that allow a more clean visualization of the bitstream metadata

Major improved areas/bug fixes
Several bug fixes and improvements have been introduced in the area of

  • submission: type-bind, controlled-vocabularies, lookup, support for different upload panel in different collections
  • edit submission mode: change bitstream policies, configure a single mode for the access and upload step to make the UI simpler
  • statistics: improvement to the navigation among the pages
    and much more, please refers to the commit history for details.

Based on DSpace tag 7.2.1 (backend) and 7.2 - .1 not released for angular (front-end)

DSpace-CRIS 6.4.0 August, 30th

This is probably the last release of DSpace-CRIS based on DSpace 6. It is aligned with the official DSpace 6.4 tag

DSpace-CRIS 5.11.0 August, 30th

This is probably the last release of DSpace-CRIS based on DSpace 5. It is aligned with the official DSpace 5.11 tag

DSpace-CRIS 7 2022.01.01 April, 6th