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The Linked Data for Production (LD4P) project has finished its first phase (2016-2018). Full information is on this website including new links to LD4P Outputs. The next phase, Linked Data for Production: Pathway to Implementation (LD4P2) is underway.



Welcome to the website of Linked Data for Production (LD4P). With support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the LD4P partners (Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Library of Congress, Princeton, and Stanford / Directory of team members) are piloting the production of linked data for library resources. Over a two-year period (2016-2018), our work focuses on:

  • developing standards, guidelines, and infrastructure to communally produce metadata as linked open data,
  • developing end-to-end workflows to create linked data in a technical services production environment, 
  • extending the BIBFRAME ontology to describe library resources in specialized domains and formats, and
  • engaging the broader library community to ensure a sustainable and extensible environment.

While each partner institution leads its own domain-specific ontology extension and metadata production projects, the partners collaborate closely with one another and with the Mellon-funded Linked Data for Libraries-Labs (LD4L-Labs) project on modeling a general-purpose extension to BIBFRAME, developing best practices for ontology extension modeling and for linked data production, evaluating linked data tools, and prototyping an infrastructure for cooperative production of linked data.

Cross-domain ontology modeling and metadata production

Domain-specific ontology modeling and metadata production

Advanced Tables - Table Plus


LD4P provides input to the Linked Data for Libraries-Labs (LD4L-Labs) project on the development of VitroLib, a linked data editor for libraries, and the LD4L-Labs Converter. LD4P is evaluating several other linked data tools (see our Registry of Tools), including the Library of Congress BIBFRAME Editor and Converter.

The Biblioportal ontology repository is a library-specific implementation of Stanford University's BioPortal.

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