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Version 1.9.3



This release includes an updated ORCiD integration that can use the ORCiD v2 API. Note that ORCiD are planning to shut down the v1.x API endpoints.

Note that the configuration options have been changed, and you will need to update your

The only options that are required now are:

# orcid.clientId = 0000-0000-0000-000X
# orcid.clientPassword = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
# orcid.webappBaseUrl = http://localhost:8080/vivo
# orcid.externalIdCommonName = VIVO Cornell Identifier
# orcid.apiVersion = 2.0
# orcid.api = sandbox

orcid.apiVersion is simply the version value (e.g. 1.2, 2.0), and orcid.api is just "release" (for the production API), and "sandbox" for the sandbox.

Search Results Performance

Retrieval of Person information has been improved so that any search that returns people is faster.

Direct2Experts Endpoint

For any sites wishing to participate in the Direct2Experts federated site - - VIVO now includes the necessary endpoints. Please see the Direct2Experts websites for more information on how to participate.

Improved handling for TDB triple stores

Isomorphic tests for TDB now handle all of the specialized integer types (NonNegative, Positive, etc) that TDB maps to an internal structure.

Performance for TDB triple stores is improved as the Graph URIs are now cached in the RDF Service.

Version 1.9.2


Upgraded GEMET integration to use SSL web service


serverDuraSpace JIRA

Version 1.9.1


Responsiveness of Capability Map