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Comment: Add notes on using the block, alphabetization and numerica nd date fields.


This module provides a block named "Islandora Solr facet pages" that can be configured in Block settings (Administration » Structure » Blocks). It contains a list of links to all configured facet pages.

If you decide to display all of the Solr Facets using the provided block, you can associate it with the "Content" region, but you will probably want to specify that it appear only on a certain Drupal node (page) that you have created for it -- otherwise the facets may appear in that region on all pages by default.

In addition to displaying the Solr Facets in a block, you can put a single /browse/[path] link in a specific menu.


This module displays the output values alphabetically, but it is case sensitive. Values with initial capital letters are displayed before those with lower case initial letters (see screenshot above). All-caps acronyms are alphabetized before regularly spelled words.

Numeric and Date fields

This module is not designed to handle numeric and date fields -- just alphabetic ones.


This module provides template files for the entire page (islandora-solr-facet-pages-wrapper.tpl.php) and the results list (islandora-solr-facet-pages-results.tpl.php). The alphabetical pager uses a theme function.