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  •  Declan Fleming and David Wilcox will compile a list of vendors and information to support outreach
  •  Michael J. Giarlo will look into F4 performance issues and, if appropriate, engage Hydra and Fedora communities about corroborating/troubleshooting/resolving them

    Lets pilot a Hackathon for Fedora Developers in late 2015 or early 2016

  •  David Wilcox to begin capturing, curating content for an "ambassadors" list of F4 implementations. Start a list / table in Confluence with updated case studies
  •  David Wilcox & Stefano Cossu to form an elite subcommittee to refresh content on the Website over next 6 months
  •  Patrick Yott to confirm participation on elite subcommittee by end of this week
  •  All: send any additional comments on website content in to Leaders or the Elite Subcommittee
  •  All: Steering election is still open; voting for 3 new Steering members; each institution only gives one vote. Votes open another 1-2 weeks. 
  •  Jonathan MarkowDavid WilcoxAndrew Woods to discuss the F3 -> F4 mental mapping / upgration support issues raised by Glen in email to leaders, reflect back to Leaders