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July 3

No meeting.  Updates only.


  1. Roadmap survey goes out today, Friday, July 3.  The survey asks respondents to select 0-5 "most important" in each category – five end user, five stewardship, five technical.  The task force is free to rebalance this as needed to develop a roadmap responsive to membership and strategy.
  2. Steering group elections.  Four nominations received 2 from leadership, 2 from community.   Expecting to receive several more.
  3. Tech lead.  Hope to make an announcement shortly.
  4. Membership drive.  We need to raise $91,000 in new memberships.  We have about fifty prospects and we had a good membership drive meeting.  We will send an email on July 14 to the prospects asking them to consider a phone call with a representative of VIVO.  Several people have volunteered to speak with prospects.
  5. New web site.  In final stages of preparation.  Will have three videos.  Hope to launch the week before the conference.  The site will showcase six VIVO sites where visitors to the site will see a screen shot of the site which they can click on to open another browser tab displaying VIVO from that site. Web site also need a number (number should be divisible by three for optimal web page layout) partners/collaborators (could also be sites, sponsors).  Visitors will see the logo and when they click on it, will open a new tab on the home page of the partner.  
  6. Beginning work on the "getting data out of VIVO" (basically a SPARQL intro) workshop for the conference.  We have lots of good examples and they will organize quite nicely into workshop format.  MC will use the opportunity to further organize SPARQL materials in the wiki
  7. Asset inventory group has a draft report.  They will be meeting, possibly for the last time, July 10, then Steering will receive their report.
  8. Contributed software has a draft report.  MC will review.  They may revise and then they will be conclude.
  9.  Starting a new Wikipedia page for VIVO.  Can be linked from CASRAI (which references us) and ORCID (which does not, but can) and the Research Networking page.  MC met the ORCID Wikipedian Andy Mabbett in Barcelona.  He is very experienced and can help with questions.
  10. UF is going to upgrade from VIVO 1.5 to VIVO 1.6 during the first two weeks of July.  Self edit will be turned off for eleven days while the upgrade proceeds.  Ingest scripts are mostly rewritten based on a new piece of ingest software (the VIVO Pump), a python program that provides generalized input/output from rectangular formats such as CSV to VIVO-ISF using definition files expressible in JSON.  The Pump is available at GitHub with extensive generic and UF examples and test cases.  This work will be greatly improved during July as UF executes its upgrade.  UF will then plan a 1.6 -> 1.7 upgrade (much simpler, the ingests remain the same).  UF will hold off on the 1.8 upgrade due to performance concerns in profile display.  When 1.8.1 is released, UF will re-evaluate.  The Pump should be usable for all VIVO applications and supports both simple and sophisticated ingest.  A collection of generic ingest definitions will be built out and delivered under the title "Simple VIVO" – the goal is to provide the tool, and the ingest definitions for use by sites without semantic web sophistication required for Karma.  Simple VIVO will support grants, pubs, people, positions, and courses and can easily be extended.
  11. VIVO was presented in at least three sessions at ALA:
    1.  What do MARC, RDF, and OWL have in common? by Violeta Ilik (slides available at at the Program for Cooperative Cataloging Participants Meeting
    2. VIVO and BIBFRAME: Understanding People through Linked Data by Steven Folsom at the Linked Library Data Interest Group
    3. Linked Data Love: research representation, discovery, and assessment by Kristi Holmes (slides available at at the Linked Library Data Interest Group
  12. Mike's out the week of July 5