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DuraCloud is made up of a several web applications running in a hosted cloud environment which connects to your local content through the use of client tools that run on your machine. DuraCloud manages the storage of files coming from your system through the use of cloud "Storage Providers" such as Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloudfiles. Stored content is checked on the way to the storage provider, when it lands in the provider, and then periodically afterwards, to ensure that it is still available and complete.

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DuraCloud Storage

DuraCloud storage begins with spaces. Spaces are the containers into which content is placed. Spaces are also where access control is defined. Once a space has been created, content can be stored there. All content stored through DuraCloud lands first in a primary Storage Provider and is then copied as needed to other providers. Actions that occur with content always take place through the storage REST API (even if this is hidden by client tools or nice UI controls.)


  • Add Content
  • Get/Set Content Properties
  • Get Content
  • Copy Content
  • Delete Content

Other Actions

  • Get Stores
  • Get Tasks List
  • Perform Task
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DuraCloud Services

DuraCloud services are what handle the maintenance and verification of the content that resides in DuraCloud. The services run within an OSGi container, allowing them to be deployed and undeployed on the fly, as they are needed. All interactions with DuraCloud services go through the service REST API.

Service REST Interface



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