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BIBFRAME Scribe: - a tool created by Zephiera to describe resources using a version of the BIBFRAME ontology.

*Callimachus: - The most mature linked data editing platform that I'm aware of is Callimachus. It's unique in that it uses RDFa as a templating format, which makes it easy to create custom forms for data entry. This seems to work well when the data model is one-dimensional, but not when combining different classes in a single form (in the free version, at least).

*Graphity: - Lets users define the structure of an entire app in a custom RDF "sitemap." Graphity has already started a BIBFRAME extension of its Graphity Client platform (Graphity BIBFRAME: As with Callimachus, however, the major drawback is in creating multidimensional forms that would support all the complexities of library data.

RIMMF (RDA in Many Metadata Formats): – editor for RDA data that can import MARC21 records and export RDA/RDF.

RDForms:! -  a JavaScript library...

xEAC: - Although not a general-purpose RDF editor, Ethan Gruber's xEAC, an XForms-based editor for the EAC-CPF format, provides a powerful model for creating data-driven cataloging interfaces.

Cataloger's Workbench: - At Princeton, they are exploring Ethan's XForms-based approach and have been working on an RDF/BIBFRAME editing app. It's less ambitious than the previous platforms, but more specifically geared toward the needs of catalogers used to working in a MARC environment. They hope to have a minimum-viable-product version of the code on GitHub very soon.

DotNetRDF - a Windows GUI tool designed as a Notepad replacement for editing RDF and SPARQL. It provides syntax highlighting, validation and auto-completion. A step up from hand-coding your RDF!


RDF Studio - environment for editing, browsing and visualizing RDF and ontologies

*[Both Graphity and Callimachus are compliant with the Linked Data Platform standard : Both are open source, but also offer enterprise versions with additional features and support.]