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The arguments passed to rsync should be edited with care, as the defaults should work for all workflows. In recent versions of rsync, commas have been introduced into the output and can be disabled with --no-human-readable.

SMTP Configuration

The replication service sends email to the when a bag fails to replicate. The chron.node value is used in order to add information to the title of the email about which node the email came from.

In the event an email is wanted for all replications, chron.smtp.send-on-success can be set to true in order to trigger emails for successful replications as well. If no email is wanted, stmp.send can be set to false.

Additional Notes on Configuration

  • The replication.cron timer sets how often the replication-shell queries the ingest-server for active replications. It uses a cron style formatting:
  • The development profile can be used for testing configuration options. It remains in the foreground and has a limited set of commands.
  • The mail configuration (smtp) is set to send by default.
    • If you don't want to send mail, or have a server which does not have smtp capabilities you can turn it off by setting smtp.send: false
  • If the storage is not set up correctly, the replicationd process will not run. This includes existence, and r/w/e permissions