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The Replication Service handles the movement transfer of data , typically in the form of a BagIt Bag, to a Chronopolis Node. It does this by querying the Ingest Server in order to discover Bags which the collections it needs to process and transfer to preservation storage. Once this is complete, it runs an initial audit on a an ACE AM server local to the Chronopolis Node.


  • ACE AM - The replication service will need to send requests to an ACE AM webapp web application in order to register collections
  • rsync - Transfers are done using rsync
  • SSH key exchange - ssh is used for authentication so keys must me be exchanged to any nodes planning on distributing content so that file transfers can occur
  • Preservation Storage - The replication service pulls from the ingest server directly to your preservation area on a posix POSIX file system. We may expand this In the future we may expand this, but for now, it is only on local disk.


A service account is also needed as part of the install process who can write to /var/log/chronopolis and the preservation storage defined in the configuration. This is no longer handled by the rpm installation process and must be done manually. By default, the init scripts will look for a chronopolis user, and if it is not found fail. These can be updated in the following places: