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Title (Goal)

Generate Handle / Allow access before committing Item

Primary ActorSubmitter
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Grace Hoppers paper has been accepted. The journal requires her to provide accompanying data at a permanent url.  So she uploads the relevant data to her universities DSPACE instance and provides the generated handle to the publisher. The item becomes accessible under the given handle url, so that the journal reviewers can access it. None of the DSPACE pages link to the item though, since it is not fully committed yet. It is essentially hidden and only accessible via direct url.

During the journals review process she is asked to change some of her data files:

  • change the format of one bitstream,    
  • replace the results of a computation with the results of a slightly changed data analysis
  • add additional data

After the article is published she adds the DOI and finally marks the item as ready to be committed to the DSPACE instance so it enters the regular DSPACE review process. The collection review makes sure all local conventions have been fulfilled and approves the submission. The item along with its handle becomes fully visible at this point.

In the unlikely case that she Hopper withdraws her article from publication, she lets the collection  reviewer know, who rejects the item. At that point the generated handle needs to be dealt with, it could be redirected to the tombstone