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Creation and Management of Concepts within the Thesauri, including support for creating and assigning Preferred Terms, Non-Preferred Terms and Hidden Terms in DSpace Authority Control Concepts. In addition support for managing the hierarchical and associative relationships between Authority Control Concepts will be available. This will allow support to create and manage hierarchical vocabularies (taxonomies) as well as relate concepts across thesauri (for example, assigning organization membership to authors).
Finally, support for assigning additional metadata to both Concepts and Terms will be have in a manner equivalent to attaching “Notes” to Term and Concept objects (skos and skos-xl namespaces will be employed to facilitate thesaurus specific metadata attributes. Additional attributes will be able to be defined in namespaces decided on my the Repository Administrators (Dublin Core, FoaF, MADS, MODS, so-on)



DSpace 6.x : A recent production rollout of the 6.0 version of this codebase is deployed on the TXState repository with additional UI enhancements. Added Features in DSpace 6 version of solution include: