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Despite its name, a "private" item is not necessarily access restricted. It's simply hidden from all search/browse/OAI results, and is therefore only accessible via direct link (or bookmark). If you wish to access restrict the item so that it is no longer available to a certain group of users (or only available to Admins), you should edit the Item's Authorization Policies (via the Edit Item screens).


Private items are not guaranteed to be hidden from search engines. While making an item private can make it more difficult for search engines to locate, a private item may still end up being indexed if it is linked from any other public website, social network account, etc. Additionally, please be aware there is currently a known bug where private items are included in DSpace sitemaps, see DS-1977.

This state should only refer to the discoverable nature of the item. A private item will not be included in any system that aims to help users to find items. So it will not appear in: