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The process that DSpace uses to determine who is the recipient of the Item Request is configurable in this Spring file: [dspace]/config/spring/api/requestitem.xml

Configure who gets request via a metadata field

By default the RequestItemMetadataStrategy is enabled, but falls back to the Item Submitter eperson's name and email. You can configure the RequestItemMetadataStrategy to load the author's name and email address if you set that information into an item metadata field.  For example:

Code Block
<bean class=""
 Uncomment these properties if you want lookup in metadata the email and the name of the author to contact for request copy.
 If you don't configure that or if the requested item doesn't have these metadata the submitter data are used as fail over
 <property name="emailMetadata" value="schema.element.qualifier" />
 <property name="fullNameMatadata" value="schema.element.qualifier" /> 

Configure this as follows:

  1. Create a metadata field which you'd like to use to store this email address (and optionally a second metadata field for the full name).
    1. Hint: You may wish to add this metadata field to your "metadata.hide.*" settings in local.cfg in order to ensure this metadata field is hidden from normal users & is only visible to Administrative users.  That way this email address will NOT appear in Item display pages (except to Administrators)
  2. Uncomment the "emailMetadata" setting above, and configure it's "value" to use the new metadata field.
  3. Edit the Item(s) which you wish to use this field.  Add the new metadata field to those items, given it a value of the email address which will receive the request for copy.  By default, if an Item does NOT have this metadata field, the request for copy will still go to the Item's submitter.

Configure all requests to go to a helpdesk email

Another common request strategy is the use a single Helpdesk email address to receive all of these requests (see corresponding helpdesk configs in dspace.cfg above). If you wish to use the Helpdesk Strategy, you must first comment out the default RequestItemMetadataStrategy,  bean and uncomment this bean: