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Comment: documented minimumAcceptanceScore


Same as for the core-services.xml from above, comment out the basic workflow factory & enable the xmlworkflow factory in [dspace]/config/spring/api/core-factory-services.xml. After enabling the configurable workflow the mentioned file should contain the following:


Code Block
<!--Basic workflow services, comment or remove when switching to the configurable workflow -->
<!--<bean id="workflowServiceFactory" class="org.dspace.workflowbasic.factory.BasicWorkflowServiceFactoryImpl"/>-->
<!--Configurable workflow services, uncomment to enable-->
<bean id="workflowServiceFactory" class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.factory.XmlWorkflowServiceFactoryImpl"/>


With the xmlworkflow come some separate tables which hibernate needs to be aware of, and the tables for the basic workflow can be disregarded. So edit the [dspace]/config/hibernate.cfg.xml file and comment out the basic workflow classes & enable the xmlworkflow classes. The result is displayed below:


Code Block
<!--<mapping class="org.dspace.workflowbasic.BasicWorkflowItem"/>-->
<!--<mapping class="org.dspace.workflowbasic.TaskListItem"/>-->
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.ClaimedTask"/>
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.CollectionRole"/>
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.InProgressUser"/>
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.PoolTask"/>
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.WorkflowItemRole"/>
<mapping class="org.dspace.xmlworkflow.storedcomponents.XmlWorkflowItem"/>


titleWorkflow Data Migration

You will also need to follow the Data Migration Procedure below.


  • ScoreReviewStep: The group of responsible users for the score reviewing will be able to claim the task from the taskpool. Dependingn on the configuration, a different number of users can be required to execute the task. This means that the task will be available in the task pool until the required number of users has at least claimed the task. Once everyone of them has finished the task, the next (automatic) processing step is activated.
  • EvaluationStep: During the evaluationstep, no user interface is required. The workflow system will automatically execute the step that evaluates the different scores. In case the average score is more than a configurable percentage, the item is approved, otherwise it is rejected.  (The minimum average score is set by adjusting the minimumAcceptanceScore property passed to evaluationactionAPI in config/spring/api/workflow-actions.xml.)

Workflow overview features