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  • Limit the usage of PDFBoxThumbnail media filter to PDFs: DS-3873
  • Update PDFBox version: #2742
  • Update spider user agent file for more accurate Solr usage statistics: DS-4587 (#3333)
  • Update JavaScript dependencies: DS-4508 (#2918)
  • Remove non-existent command from OAI's CLI help: DS-4260 (#2439)
  • Fix Discovery index command when using the "-c" (clean) option: DS-4393 (#2606)
  • Fix issue with bulkedit.ignore-on-export parameter on DSpaceCSV: #2661
  • Improve dspace structure-builder  error messages: DS-4087 (#2681)
  • Remove GeoIP download Ant target, reconfigure for external provision: DS-4409 (#2652)
  • Restores getSize() in Bitstream for replication task suite: DS-3895 (#2683)
  • Remove unnecessary second Context in RDFConsumer: #8152
  • Fix minor security issue with HTML links using target="_blank": DS-3891 (#7238)
  • Correctly remove Handle server lock file: DS-3946 (#2114)
  • Make automatic Discovery re-indexing configurable: DS-3658 (#2184)
  • Allow configuring max results per page in search: DS-4120 (#2306)
  • Improve OAI performance for large installs: DS-4136 (#2320)
  • Avoid crosswalking invalid publish dates for Google Scholar: DS-4104 (#2294)
  • Bitstreams should keep their formats when being versioned: DS-4078 (#2261)
  • Only execute ImageMagick identify on the first page of PDF: DS-3664 (#2201)
  • Allow OAI Harvester to continue if it encounters an Item missing a handle: DS-3939 (#2106)

    The OAI Harvester Consumer has been completely removed from the DSpace codebase and should be removed from any configuration files referencing it: DS-4129 (#2314).

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