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titleAPI Adoption To-Do List (Please claim one or more modules)!

The Service based API refactoring will take place on the DS-2701-service-api feature branch. As this API is NOT backwards compatible, all existing DSpace Modules will need to be refactored to utilize this new API. 

If you would like to help out, please claim one or more DSpace Modules, and submit a PR (against the above "DS-2701-service-api" branch) which fixes that module. A module is considered "fixed" when it compiles (against the new API) and all its unit tests (if any) pass. Please submit one PR per module. (NOTE: PLEASE WAIT FOR THE INITIAL API merger before starting any module refactors)

Once all modules successfully compile and pass all unit tests, the feature branch will be merged into "master" and more extensive testing will be performed.