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Virginia Tech finished the Assessment Plan - Clustering and report our works in this page. The detail step-to-step procedures was documented in Fedora Cluster Installation in AWS.

In summary, under the We applied read-only and read-dominant workloads where to replicated Fedora 4 clusters. The write operation does do not present as a bottleneck , a replicated Fedora 4 cluster exhibits linear increase of maximum load it can handle with no significant increase of read latency. The in our experiments. When the number of nodes increases, the maximum read load the cluster can handle also increases linearly. The read latency does not change significantly, although the write latency shows signs of increase when the number of replicated nodes increases. These experiments results should give us high confidence on using replicated Fedora 4 cluster to handle increasing accommodate higher read workload.

Testing object 1: Verify the load balanced cluster setup using the updated Modeshape and Infinispan configuration.