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### Settings for the Item page in Mirage2 theme ###
# Whether the title or the label of a file should be used to display it on the item page
mirage2.item-view.bitstream.href.label.1 = label

# Whether the title or the label of a file should be used as a fallback to display it on the item page
mirage2.item-view.bitstream.href.label.2 = title

There are other configuration properties that affect the theme. These aren't new but we mention them here for the sake of completeness.

  • When METSRIGHT is included in  the item page will display those rights.
  • The property xmlui.theme.mirage.item-list.emphasis defines the style of the item lists. When the value is 'file' another style is used.
  • The property webui.browse.render-scientific-formulas includes a javascript library to render scientific formulas.
  • The properties thumbnail.maxheight and thumbnail.maxwidth define the outer bounds for the dimensions of the item thumbnails in the item lists.

Customizing Mirage 2 

titleDo not attempt the following

Do not attempt to manage local customizations to Mirage 2 in:

  • src/dspace/modules/xmlui/src/main/webapp/themes
    • This is where you would put standard XMLUI Themes or customizations. However, because of the Mirage 2 build process, this won't work.
  • src/dspace-xmlui-mirage2
    • This is the place where the community, committers and contributors manage the STANDARD version of Mirage 2. You could change files there if your intention is to create a contribution that would benefit everyone. But in this case, we are not talking about a local customization.


The classic mirage theme is a customization of the bootstrap theme. Thanks to the sass variables, a complete color scheme can be conceived by modifying one or two variables. These variables are set in the theme's /styles/classic_mirage_color_scheme/_bootstrap_variables.scss. Copy this file into dspace/modules/xmlui-mirage2/src/main/webapp.themes/Mirage2  and see what happens when you change $brand-primary. More detailed information on how to customize this file can be found in the Mirage 2 readme.

How to reuse an existing bootstrap theme is also explained in that section.

Simple styling customization