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  • By default, DSpace does not build the Mirage 2 theme (as it lengthens the normal build process).  However, you can easily tell DSpace to build Mirage 2 by running the following from your [dspace-source] directory: 

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    mvn package -Dmirage2.on=true


    • If you wish to speed up the Mirage 2 build process, you can do so by pre-installing all of the Mirage 2 dependencies on your system (by default they will be downloaded each time you rebuild Mirage 2).  This will significantly shorten the build process for Mirage 2.  More information on installing these prerequisites can be found in the Developer Documentation for Mirage 2.  Once these prerequisites have been installed on your local server, you can then build Mirage 2 more rapidly by running:

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      # WARNING: This command will only work if you've manually installed *all* the prerequisites for Mirage 2
      mvn package -Dmirage2.on=true -Dmirage2.deps.included=false


    Using an exclamation mark character ("!") in Maven directory name will cause a Mirage 2 build to fail. See:

    serverDuraSpace JIRA

  • After building Mirage 2, you can install this theme into your DSpace by simply re-running Ant from [dspace-source]/dspace/target/dspace-installer/ : 

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    ant update

  • To enable Mirage 2, add the following to the <themes> section of your xmlui.xconf, replacing the currently active theme: 

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    <theme name="Mirage 2" regex=".*" path="Mirage2/" />

  • Finally, restart your Tomcat or servlet container, and you should see the Mirage 2 theme.