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Title (Goal)Configure hidden communities and collections that will not be visible to users without access
Primary ActorSystem | Human | External System
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

The repository administrator, JohnMeera, is preparing a new collection for the Biology department which will start using the repository in the near future. While John Meera is still configuring the new collection, he she has chosen to only show the new collection to administrators and specific users. The collection is hidden for everyone else. John Meera has done so by restricting access to the "Default read access" role.

Please note that while this collection is hidden, its information and items in it are also not available in the OAI-PMH endpoints and in the REST API. Furthermore, the collection is not shown on the home page or on the community list, except to authorized users. For those users and for John himself Meera herself it is visually identified in the community list and in the search results as a hidden collection.

Once John Meera has finished configuring the collection, he she removes the restriction on the "Default read access" role. Anonymous users can now see the collection and view associated items.