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  1. Beta release sanity testing
  2. ...



Beta Release (Andrew)

  • schedule solid RC or beta to be ready for Open Repositories
  • vast majority of features are finished and ready for testing
  • when we put out the beta or the RC of the beta, committers expected to download the quickstart and try some minimal sanity testing
  • Andrew will put out a release candidate for input at the end of the current sprint
  • Next sprint will focus on fixing anything wrong with the beta, doing additional testing
  • Mike D: we need a box we can check to show that we have done a sanity test, some kind of affirmative to say we tested
  • Coverage of platforms will be helpful (Mac, Win, Linux)
  • Sign off on high level features or recipes would be great (triple store recipe, authorization)
  • Mike D: volunteered to assist on building the release with Andrew
  • Esme re-tested the REST API
    • renewing transactions did not seem to work, so that was the only real fix
    • most fixes were error handling
  • Balanced tree for performance
    • Kevin: native store testing remains for the weekend (don't worry about indexing at this point -Andrew)
    • Esme: balanced tree testing continues and is documented on the wiki (256x256x256 folders)
    • Do we need to test scenarios with more than 15 mil right now? David: eventually but not right now.
    • Esme will continue testing at XX level
  • Mike: questions about making read only file-system useful
    • one pull request pending - checksum caching (regenerate checksum 3 times, were querying wrong property)
    • cache timeout (for changing file system)
    • where to put the sidecar files (or database/modeshape equivalent) is still a question.
    • Mike: will start with an easy solution to read only checksum, later we can come up with better storage.


  • there are some issue appearing here, but they seem resolved
  • Scott: updating the PR to include fixes
  • additional documentation seems like what remain

Stand Up


  • has a couple error handling and transaction renewal fix
  • will make changes to the wiki about the error handling (once internet restored)
  • will test a larger balanced tree of objects
  • will repeat holiday performance testing
  • Andrew: keep in mind that external datastreams story/recipe is needed


  • Chris B. has created a bunch of bug in pivotal, these can be looked at


  • Latest update is showing correct information on the HTML UI
  • What issues remain?
  • Andrew will build the latest and see if he has any new issues.
  • Having so branching issues, worried about losing commits.
  • Andrew had one comment on an interface. Longshou: it is probably safe to remove the code in question.
  • Will follow up on the get children method..