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This will iterate over every metadata under authority control and create records of them in the authority index. The metadata without an authority key will each be updated with an auto generated authority key. These will not be matched in any way with other existing records. The metadata with an authority key that does not already exist in the index will be indexed with those authority keys. The metadata with an authority key that already exist in the index will be re-indexed the same way. These records remain unchanged.

Different possible use cases for Index-authority script

Metadata value WITHOUT authority key in metadata

“Luyten, Bram” is present in the metadata without any authority key.
GOAL: “Luyten, Bram” gets added in the cache ONCE

All occurences of “Luyten, Bram” in the DSpace item metadata will become linked with the same generated uid.

Metadata that already has an authority key from an external source (NOT auto-generated by DSpace)

“Snyers, Antoine” is present with authority key “u12345”

The old authority key needs to be preserved in the item metadata and duplicated in the cache.
“u12345” will be copied to the authority cache and used as the authority key there.

Metadata that has already a new dspace generated uid authority key

Item metadata already contains an author with name “Haak, Danielle” and a uid in the authority field 3dda2571-6be8-4102-a47b-5748531ae286

This uid is preserved and no new record is being created in the authority index.

Processing on records in the authority cache

Running this script again will update the index and keep the index clean. For example if an author occurs in a single item and that item is deleted the script will need to be run again to remove it from the index. When run again it will remove all records that no longer have a link to existing authors in the database.


Usage in DSpace

Submission of new DSpace items - Author lookup