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Title (Goal)Structure - Automated Retention of All changes to Items:
Primary ActorSystem
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

A record of all changes to item should be retained in DSpace. Any time an update/commit happens to an ITem, a clear record of all the changes and a previous state of the item should be retained for repository managers to review. Repository Managers should be able to restore from any previous version replacing the contents of the current version with the previous state.

Persistence of all changes to DSpace Items in a manner that past versions may be viewed and existing Item may be restored if necessary. Records changes to Bitstreams, Resource Polices, Formats, Metadata Fields. Changes to the Item and Bitstreams to are recorded when any change to an “Archived” Item happens. new revision is persisted when new changes are committed on item.

Identifiers should stay consistent for the resource, for example, handles and/or DOI may contain version history information, but a canonical handle or DOI should persist that represents all versions of the Item.