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(10:00:40 AM) carols: =====BEGIN GSOC 2014 ORG REJECTION FEEDBACK MEETING====
(10:00:40 AM) carols: hi everyone, thanks for coming
(10:00:58 AM) carols: this year we got 371 (well, technically 372) applications from organizations for the program.
(10:01:03 AM) carols: we accepted 190 organizations in total
(10:01:28 AM) carols: but unfortunately, we always have less space for orgs than we have applications.
(10:01:56 AM) carols: this year we emphasized, as we have in the past, accepting organizations that have never participated before and/or were small communities
(10:02:16 AM) carols: we again saw a huge amount of applications from folks in the bioinformatics, life sciences, and biology fields
(10:02:37 AM) carols: but we also got some great new applications from fields we've never had participate before
(10:07:50 AM) carols: yeah, we try to choose as wide a variety of projects as we can to benefit the students
(10:08:07 AM) carols: and sometimes that means rejecting a lot of orgs in a particular topic area if the competition is stiff

... Unfortunately IRC on '' became unresponsive mid-meeting. So, Tim was unable to talk directly to Carol via IRC. 
However, after emailing Carol for feedback, she responded:

"This was simply a matter of wanting to make space for new orgs this year. We hope you'll try again next year!