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  • DSpace's "Batch Metadata Editing" tool allows you to export sets of DSpace Item Metadata (all Items or just those in specific Communities/Collections) into a CSV file.  The metadata values/fields in the CSV file can then be edited using Microsoft Excel (or OpenOffice Calc).  Once editing is complete, you can re-import the modified CSV to apply the metadata changes into DSpace.
  • Step-by-step Tutorials:
  • How-To: Batch Metadata Editing basics
    • Batch Metadata Editing can be performed at a Community or Collection level
    • Browse to a specific Community or Collection. The "Context" menu will display an option for "Export Metadata".
    • Click "Export Metadata".  This will generate a CSV file that contains all the metadata for every Item within that Community or Collection hierarchy. 
      • WARNING: For extremely large communities or collections the export (and import) processes may take a long time (or cause your site to significantly slow down). Therefore, it is recommended to try to edit less than DSpaceDirect currently only allows you to modify 500 Items (i.e. lines in CSV) at a single time.  This 500 item limitation can be increased as needed, but it is not recommended (as it can cause performance issues with your site when using these tools).
    • Edit the CSV using either Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc
      • EXCEL WARNING: By default, Excel will not open a CSV in Unicode/UTF-8 encoding. This means that special characters may be improperly displayed and also can be "corrupted" during re-import of the CSV.
        • You need to tell Excel this CSV is Unicode, by importing it as follows:
          • Open Excel (with an empty sheet open)
          • Select "Data" tab
          • Click "From Text" button (in the "External Data" section)
          • Select your CSV file
          • Wizard Step 1
            • Choose "Delimited" option
            • In the "File origin" selectbox, select "65001 : Unicode (UTF-8)"
            • Click Next
          • Wizard Step 2
            • Select "Comma" as the only delimiter
            • Click Next
          • Wizard Step 3
            • Select "Text" as the "Column data format"
            • Click Finish
    • Perform your edits. Once finished, re-upload the changes to DSpace
    • Click "Import Metadata" (under "Administrative" menu)
    • Select the CSV
    • Review the changes and apply
    • NOTE: A more detailed walkthrough with screenshots of this entire process (and additional hints) is available in the Batch Metadata Editing tutorials linked above