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  • Esme
    • Will create ticket for "First Steps" document
    • Getting UCSD test servers
  • Mike
    • Has created tickets, are in backlog
    • Willing to off-load versioning tickets, if others are interested
  • Frank
    • Working on AWS testing
    • May be able to get access from Yale's cluster
      • needs tickets
  • Eric
    • Working on Solr integration
    • Has questions about approach for customizing index mapping
  • Adam
    • Will be working RDF iteration
    • Created test profiles
  • Osman
    • Working on AuthZ testing
  • Chris
    • Clear-out API tickets
    • Moving onto F3 testing benchmarks
    • Will be making tickets
  • Ben
    • Need to talk about CDI and scope
      • needs tickets
  • Scott
    • Set-up latest version of F4
    • Set-up workstation for AuthZ tests
  • Greg
    • ??
  • Ye

Wednesday 2013-11-20

  • Ye
    • The doc( public void update(final String pid, final String doc) {}) pass by JMS contains records of the node(with pid) and its parent and child(s). I wonder if it is complete or update only regarding parent/child node? Since these nodes will be re-indexed in solr in this case.

Thursday 2013-11-21

Commiters meeting