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  1. Download the CNRI Handle Software: In the tarball you'll find an INSTALL.txt with installation instructions -- follow it.
  2. Create the following two files in /hs/srv_1.

    Code Block
    log4j.rootCategory=INFO, A1
    log4j.appender.A1.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %-5p %c @ %m%n

    Change the path in the third line, if necessary.

    Code Block
    dspace.handle.endpoint1 =

    Take If you are using XMLUI take a look in [dspace-install]/config/dspace.cfg. Change , change the URL above to the value of your dspace.url and add /handleresolver to the end of it. If you are using JSPUI take a look in [dspace-install]/config/dspace.cfg, change the URL above in the value of your dspace.url and add /json/hdlresolver to the end of it. If you run more than one DSpace Installation, you may add more DSpace Endpoints.  Just increase the number at the end of the key one by another.

  3. Edit /hs/srv_1/config.dct file to include the following lines in the "server_config" clause:

    Code Block
    "storage_type" = "CUSTOM"
    "storage_class" = "org.dspace.handle.MultiRemoteDSpaceRepositoryHandlePlugin"
  4. Copy /hs/hsj-7.3.1/bin/hdl-server to /hs/srv_1/start-hdl-server
  5. Edit /hs/srv_1/start-hdl-server:
    1. Find the last line that begins with HDLHOME=
    2. Below that line add the following one: HDLHOME="/hs/hsj-7.3.1/"
    3. Find a line that contains exec java ... net.handle.server.Main ...
    4. Add "-Dlog4j.configuration=file:///hs/srv_1/ -Ddspace.handle.plugin.configuration=/hs/srv_1/handle-dspace-plugin.cfg" right in front of net.handle.server.Main.
  6. If your handle server is running, stop it.
  7. From now on you should start this handle server using /hs/srv_1/start-hdl-server