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The Handle server you use must be dedicated to resolve Handles from DSpace. You cannot use a Handle server that is in use with other software already. You can use CNRIs CNRI's Handle Software , -- all you have to do, is to use a plugin for it, that gets is shipped with DSpace. The following instruction was instructions were tested with CNRIs CNRI's Handle software version 7.3.1. You can do the following steps on another machine then the machine DSpace runs on, but you have to copy some files from the machine on which DSpace is installed.

  1. Download the CNRI Handle Software: In the tarball you'll find a an INSTALL.txt with an installation instruction, instructions -- follow it.
  2. Create the following two files in /hs/srv_1.

    Code Block
    log4j.rootCategory=INFO, A1
    log4j.appender.A1.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %-5p %c @ %m%n

    Change the path in the second third line, if necessary.

    Code Block
    dspace.handle.endpoint1 =

    Take a look in [dspace-install]/config/dspace.cfg. Change the URL above to point on the value of your dspace.url and add /handleresolver to the end of it. If you run more then than one DSpace Installation, you may add more DSpace Endpoints, just .  Just increase the number at the end of the key one by another.

  3. Edit /hs/srv_1/config.dct file to include the following lines in the "server_config" clause:

    Code Block
    "storage_type" = "CUSTOM"
    "storage_class" = "org.dspace.handle.MultiRemoteDSpaceRepositoryHandlePlugin"
  4. Copy /hs/hsj-7.3.1/bin/hdl-server to /hs/srv_1/start-hdl-server
  5. Edit /hs/srv_1/start-hdl-server:
    1. Find the last line that begins with HDLHOME=
    2. Below that line add the following one: HDLHOME="/hs/hsj-7.3.1/"
    3. Find a line that that contains exec java ... net.handle.server.Main ...
    4. Add "-Dlog4j.configuration=file:///hs/srv_1/ -Ddspace.handle.plugin.configuration=/hs/srv_1/handle-dspace-plugin.cfg" right in front of net.handle.server.Main.
  6. If your handle server is running, stop it.
  7. From now on you should start this handle server using /hs/srv_1/start-hdl-server

Please pay attention: The Handle Server will only start, if it is able to connect to at least on one running DSpace InstallationsInstallation. It only resolves the handles of the DSpace Installations that were running when it was started.