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DuraCloud Deployment

The DuraCloud service is applications are deployed as via a cluster of instances each running both the DuraCloud Storage (DuraStore) and DuraCloud UI (DurAdmin) applications. In The cluster uses auto-scaling to set the number of servers based on load; in front of the cluster is a load balancer to distribute load between the available servers. The DuraCloud UI application makes calls through the REST API, which in turn communicates with storage providers to manage data. Storage actions are sent to queues that are watched by the DuraCloud Mill for processing. The processed Mill data is stored in the Mill database, which the DuraCloud applications consult to display audit logs, spaces manifests, bit integrity reports, and other results of Mill processing.

Users and accounts in DuraCloud are maintained via the Management Console application. This application also runs in a auto-scaled cluster with a load balancer. The Management Console interacts with a database to update and store account and user information. The DuraCloud storage and UI applications also consult the administrative database to retrieve account and user information. When updates occur in the Management Console, notifications are sent to ensure changes are picked up properly by the DuraCloud applications. Similar notifications are sent by the DuraCloud applications themselves on changes to ACLs and other security settings.



DuraCloud Mill

The DuraCloud Mill is the back-end system which handles much of the data processing for the DuraCloud system. The Mill makes use of a set of queues where all work tasks that need to be performed are placed. Each DuraCloud instance puts a task in one of the Mill queues every time any storage action occurs. These tasked are then worked, resulting in updates to the audit and manifest details for each space. This allows the Mill to keep track of all content in the DuraCloud system.