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Tool NameDescriptionContact
VIVO Vagranta virtual machine for development that can load an empty vivo. Can be stored in git or other source control repository. Allows the use of scripting to configure and load with data with automation. Open issues on Github or submit pull requests to request features or ask questions. Lawless from Brown
VIVO Docker

This project contains code for dockerizing VIVO. In particular, it supports creating the containers to compile and deploy the VIVO application; to extend the application with GWU specific configuration, including a local ontology, for use as an example for extending the app image for local setting; to instantiate a MySQL db; to instantiate an instance of Tomcat for the app to run in; and to provide an environment for loading VIVO.

Justin Littman from George Washington University (justinlittman at

multisite VIVO searchBrian Caruso ( and Jim Blake (
VIVO Searchlightbrowser bookmarklet for finding people across VIVO sites based on the content of the page you are on. uses search index from vivosearch.orgMiles Worthington (
Wordpress plugin for VIVOallow data from VIVO to be used with WordpressMike Conlon (
Linked Data ImportDrupal 7 module for importing linked data into Drupal. Works nicely with VIVO data, no SPARQL endpoint necessary.Miles Worthington (
CTSASearchmultisite CTSA search that includes VIVO and other profiling systems

Dave Eichmann (email: tbd)

VIVO HarvesterData ingest tool for VIVOJohn Fereira from Cornell and Eliza Chan from WCMC
Exhibit 3.0Publishing Framework for Large Scale Data-Rich Interactive Web PagesMackenzie Smith
R toolkitTools for making VIVO visualizations with RMike Conlon (
Open RefineData tools for VIVO based on Google RefineEliza Chan from WCMC,Chris Westling from Cornell
Python ToolsCreating RDF for VIVO; interacting with the VIVO web application from scripts.Ted Lawless from Brown
KarmaA data integration toolPedro Szekely from USC, Violeta Ilik

Elements automatically collects and de-duplicates research outputs and other CV data which can be harvested and displayed as a VIVO profile. Check out our VIVO open source connector at which supports VIVO-ISF.

Alex Viggio (

SciVal< help fill me in >< help fill me in >, Elsevier
CKAN data repository open data publisherPatrick West from RPI
VIVO WidgetsProduces JSON and JSONP feeds for organizations and individual people. Does this quickly using a dedicated Solr index. Provides a user interface with auto-generated code that can be copied quickly into a webpage in order to show formatted data from Vivo instance.Jim Wood ( & Richard Outten (
Digital Vita Docs (DV Docs) for VIVOThe development of DV Docs described in this proposal has three goals: (1) develop a method to output personal profile data stored in VIVO as structured, well-formatted documents in rtf or pdf format; (2) provide a generalized, template-based approach for developers to modify the format and/or content of generated documents in order to allow them to create new documents based on the VIVO data model; and (3) provide a basic, standalone Web application to edit and generate full NIH biosketches based on functionality currently implemented in DV. 
ORNG (OpenSocial) GadgetsCross-platform plugins for VIVO and Profiles RNS, used at several institutions. Apps library includes free apps written by Baylor, UCSF, Knode Inc., etc. More info at Meeks at UCSF (eric.meeks at
UCSF developer portalStandalone website for on-campus developers documents and evangelizes reuse of RNS data. For example, take a look at documentation for UCSF-internal simplified JSON API.

Anirvan Chatterjee at UCSF (anirvan.chatterjee at



For retrieving data from the ORCID API and crosswalking to VIVO-ISF.

Justin Littman


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