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OBSOLETE! We no longer use JIRA and have migrated to GitHub Issues

This page describes how JIRA should be used in DSpace development. JIRA is the issue tracking system DSpace uses for its development. It shares the same JIRA with other DuraSpace projects. Here is the link directly to the DSpace project in DuraSpace JIRA:


Here's a diagram of how a ticket transitions from one status to the next:

Gliffy Diagram
displayNameDSpace JIRA Workflow
nameDSpace JIRA Workflow

JIRA labels

In addition, we use several labels, which help us list all tickets with a certain label.


  • Development with Git - git and GitHub are other tools we use for DSpace development. This page describes our normal processes for development in GitHub, and provides recommendations on submitting Pull Requests to our GitHub repository
  • Travis CI - Travis CI is used to monitor all Pull Requests submitted to our GitHub Repository. This Continuous Integration service keeps us informed as to whether a given Pull Request would cause the codebase to become unstable or not build properly.