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This page is intended to make access easier for VIVO developers and maintainers. An attacker cannot use these techniques to gain access to your VIVO installation. These techniques can only be used by someone who already has full access to your installation.

To gain access to the database, create a new root account.

  • Modify the file to include a root account of your choosing, and restart VIVO

    Code Block
    rootUser.emailAddress =
  • Open VIVO in the browser. You will see a warning screen like the following:

    Click Continue to view the VIVO home page.
  • Log in using the new root account. The first-time password for your new root account will be rootPassword, and you will be asked to assign a new password.

You now have two root accounts, and you know the password to the new one. Use the User Accounts pages to either

  • Delete the old root account,
  • Set a fresh password on the old root account and delete the new root account.