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Adding ORCIDs to items at submission

As described in the comments below, this portion of the integration is being addressed by Atmire, in the DSpace 5 ORCID Integration.

When users submit new DSpace items, the authors listed in the items should be associated with ORCIDs.


  • There must be buttons that allow the submitter to lookup ORCIDs of all authors on the item.
    • Pressing one of these buttons launches a new window which searches the ORCID system for the given author's name.
    • If the search locates the correct author, the submitter selects the author, and the associated ORCID is transmitted back to Dryad.
    • If the target author does not already have an ORCID, they should be invited to create one.
    There must be an easy way for the submitter to indicate that they are an author on the item, without requiring that the submitter is an author
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Expected changes to DSpace: