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DSpace 4.0 ships with a number of new features. Certain features are automatically enabled by default while others require deliberate activation. 
The following non-exhaustive list contains the major new features in 4.0 that are enabled by default:

Discovery: Search & Browse is now enabled by default in both XMLUI and JSPUI.

Note: The Lucene/DB-based search & browse backend is still supported, but is deprecated and might be removed in a future release. Any new features should use the Discovery API instead of tying directly to Lucene, Solr or Elastic Search.

  • Discovery general enhancements
    • Solr libraries were upgraded to version 4.4 (JSPUI, XMLUI and OAI modules) - by lap
    • Solr search accent insensitive - by ab
    • Solr-based item counter - by im, ab
  • Discovery UI enhancements (both JSPUI and XMLUI)
    • Query spell checking ("did you mean") - XMLUI by kv, JSPUI by lap, ab

lap - Luigi Andrea Pascarelli with the support of CINECA
ab - Andrea Bollini with the support of CINECA
kv - Kevin Van de Velde with the support of @mire
im - Ivan Masár

A new Bootstrap-based default look and feel for JSPUI (see DS-1675 for screenshots)

Kindly contributed by Andrea Bollini & Luigi Andrea Pascarelli with the support of CINECA

JSPUI new features


JSPUI porting of features previously available only on XMLUI

Kindly contributed by Keiji Suzuki & Luigi Andrea Pascarelli with the support of CINECA

UI support for metadata batch import from various bibliographic formats

  • Update to Biblio-Transformation-Engine
  • Added data loader for OAI-PMH
  • New configuration format to support simultaneous input mappings from the various supported metadata formats
  • New interface for administrators in JSPUI (for file data loaders like bibtex, csv, tsv, endnote and ris)

Kindly contributed by the Greek National Documentation Centre/EKT

SWORDv2 module update (see Git Repo:, which provides the following improvements: 
  • some general bug fixes including: bitstream url construction, config options, context management and connection pool, ORIGINAL bundle problem (DS-1149)
  • proper METSDSpaceSIP support in both deposit and update
  • proper authentication for accessing actionable bitstreams (i.e. those that can be replaced via sword), tightened security options around mediated actions, and add extra security to the access of descriptive documents (deposit receipts, statements)
  • more configuration options: bundles to expose in Statements, DepositMO extensions (for individual files), and many more
  • some general refactoring
  • addition of 404 responses where necessary
  • better support for add/replace of metadata, and how metadata updates are handled on archived items
  • update to latest version of Java Server library
  • new bitstream formats in the bitstream registry

Kindly contributed by Richard Jones with the support of Cottage Labs

Improved command line features

  • Run commands in batch
  • Display DSpace instance information including version and enabled modules (DS-1456)
  • Create users from command line (DS-1355)

Kindly contributed by Mark H. Wood with the support of IUPUI University Library

Support simple embargo in XMLUI item display and in AIP import/export

serverDuraSpace JIRA

serverDuraSpace JIRA

Kindly contributed by Ivan Masár and Terry Brady with the support of Georgetown University

Language switch for xmlui and some basic i18n stuff

serverDuraSpace JIRA

Kindly contributed by Claudia Jürgen with the support of TU Dortmund University

The following list contains all features that are included in the DSpace 4.0 release, but need to be enabled manually.
Review the documentation for these features carefully, especially if you are upgrading from an older version of DSpace.

DOI Support

  • Support for minting new DOIs
  • Support for the DataCite and EZID DOI providers

serverDuraSpace JIRA
serverDuraSpace JIRA

Kindly contributed by Pascal-Nicolas Becker & Mark Wood with the support of TU Berlin

Support running handle server and application container on separate machines

serverDuraSpace JIRA

Kindly contributed by Pascal-Nicolas Becker & Mark Wood with the support of TU Berlin

Mobile Theme for XMLUI matures from beta (DS-1679)

Kindly contributed by Elias Tzoc and James Russell with the support of Miami University

Improvements to LDAP Authentication

Kindly contributed by Ivan Masár

Media filter generates better-looking thumbnails

serverDuraSpace JIRA

Kindly contributed by Jason Sherman with the support of University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Curation Task for Consuming Web Services

serverDuraSpace JIRA

Kindly contributed by Richard Rodgers with the support of Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Request Item Copy for JSPUI and XMLUI (DS-824)

  • For items with restricted access, allows users to ask the original author for a copy of the item

[original Minho addon docs: RequestCopy]

Original contribution of the University of Minho, improvements and porting to XMLUI by Andrea Bollini with the support of CINECA

A new REST web service API module based on Jersey (a JAX RS 1.0 implementation) (DS-1696)


  • Read-only access to unrestricted communities, collections, items and bitstreams
  • Handle lookup
  • JSON (and XML) output formats

Kindly contributed by Peter Dietz with the support of Ohio State University Libraries