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Batch import of files can be done via the administrative UI. While logged in as administrator, visit "Administer" link and then, under the "Content" drop down menu, choose "Batch import metadata (BTE)"

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In the screen that follows, select the file to upload, select the data type of the file to be uploaded (bibtex, csv, etc.) and finally, select the collections the data need to be inserted to.

Keep in mind, import”. You can find more information here

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Keep in mind that the type drop down menu includes the Simple Archive Format that discussed earlier and all the supported data loaders declared in the configuration XML file that are of type "file". Thus, OAI data loader is not included in this list and in case you need to create your own data loader you are advised to extend the "FileDataLoader" abstract class rather than implement the "DataLoade" interface, as mentioned in previous paragraph.

The whole procedure can take long time to complete, in case of large input files, so the whole procedure runs in the background in a separate thread. When the thread is completed (either successfully or erroneously), the user is informed via email for the status of the import. 

Case Studies

1) I have my data in a format different from the ones that are supported by this functionality. What can I do?

Either you try to easily transform your data to one of the supported formats or you need to create a new data loader. To do this, create a new Java class that implements the following Java interface from BTE: