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  • The DSpace Public API Javadocs. Build these with the command mvn javadoc:javadoc
  • The DSpace Wiki contains stacks of useful information about the DSpace platform and the work people are doing with it. You are strongly encouraged to visit this site and add information about your own work. Useful Wiki areas are:
  • has announcements and contains useful information about bringing up an instance of DSpace at your organization.
  • The DSpace General Community List. Join DSpace-General Community to ask questions or join discussions about non-technical aspects of building and running a DSpace service. It is open to all DSpace users. Ask questions, share news, and spark discussion about DSpace with people managing other DSpace sites. Watch DSpace-General for Community for news of software releases, user conferences, and announcements from the DSpace Federation.
  • The DSpace Technical List. DSpace developers help answer installation and technology questions, share information and help each other solve technical problems through the DSpace-Tech mailing list. Post questions or contribute your expertise to other developers working with the system.
  • The DSpace Development List. Join Discussions among DSpace Developers. The DSpace-Devel listserv is for DSpace developers working on the DSpace platform to share ideas and discuss code changes to the open source platform. Join other developers to shape the evolution of the DSpace software. The DSpace community depends on its members to frame functional requirements and high-level architecture, and to facilitate programming, testing, documentation and to the project.
  • Additional support options are available in the DSpace Support Guide