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See Trading reviews on Pull Requests for how to get immediate attention to that PR!


Discussed the the status and progress of tickets on GitHub

  • Three tickets Tickets labeled high priority must be resolved before the 8.0 release
  • #9631 has been assigned to Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)  for review
  • #9638 has been assigned to Kim Shepherd for review
  • Several tickets (over 20) Other tickets not labeled high priority remainif time and workload allows, these tickets can be integrated into into  8.0
  • anything not labeled high priority that is not integrated into 8.0 by the release date will be pushed to 8.1

Discussed the updated Release Schedule 

  • Code freeze is planned for early next week (week of June 17)
  • Release date is planned for June 24, given that the above mentioned tickets are resolved

Discussed and reviewed the Q+A developers workshop at OR 


  • if time and workload allows

Discussed the updated Release Schedule 

  • PR Creation Deadline has been pushed to May 31
  • PR Merge Deadline has been pushed to June 7
  • Final Documentation & Release Week has been pushed to June 10-14
  • 8.0 Release Announcement has been pushed to June 17

Discussed the merger issue between the the "dspace-7_x" and "main"

  • The issue creates two different branches which create merge conflicts
  • Discussed a possible solution in which dspace-7_x commits are merged back into main
  • Preference to merge at the tag level instead of the branch level (7.6.1)
  • Will keep this on the agenda and continue discussion at a later time
  • Tim Donohue will create a test branch to test how to resolve the merger conflict

Due to OR, next week's dev meeting will be canceled

  • Next dev meeting will be held on Jun 13, 2024

Discussed details pertaining to the developers Q+A at OR

Briefly mentioned updates regarding the server side rendering issues

Briefly discussed DSpace 7.x Maintenance