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  1. Announcments
    1. Bridget Almas officially started as Director of Community Started Programs at Lyrasis - shouldn't directly affect this group, but might start showing up on communications
    2. EAGER Grant - submitting again to request funding for assistance in testing
  2. Pop-up/Other Topics:
    1. Slack Questions: 
      1. #bleeding-edge channel test suite failing:
        1. Python test suite that is failing for a particular scenario when S3 used, likely just need some updates
        2. Create a ticket for pulling this into fcrepo-labs and updating it - Dan will create the ticket
  3. Migration Updates:
    1. Doron - still in the process of planning/testing migrations. Going to explore AWS environment that Josh was prototyping.
      1. Trying to figure out how they will work their Solr indexing pipeline from Fedora, may elect to separate indexing into its own subsystem instead of using camel-toolbox transforms
      2. Challenge is in combining information from multiple resources into a single solr record, since there isn't a FOXML document anymore
      3. Interested in continuing the conversation about index and a post-gsearch world
      4. What could replace XSLT? Maybe just some kind of java implementation, oriented towards developers, around RDF
    2. Josh - Does Solr on AWS need to be a thing, since so many of the front end applications depend on it? Various from application to application whether it is needed.
  4. Tickets
    1. Open
      1. 3943 - Just created this from discussion earlier in the meeting
      2. 3942 - No updates
      3. 3941 - Mike working on it this week, hopefully have done soon
      4. 3931 - Dan validated it, Doron add some test FOXML
      5. 3924 - No updates
      6. 3887 - Old
      7. 3886 - Old
      8. 3871 - Old
    2. In progress
      1. 3935 - Some concern about security of this, maybe fine if its a relative path. There is a PR from Jared which is "hacky but small". Could be a toggle to enable or disable this.
        1. There's also the question regarding updating the ontology, which no one has done in a long time.
        2. Going to check back in with Emily. Planning to add some kind of toggle, the exact details are up for discussion (relative, absolute, no path)
    3. In review
      1. Jared finally merged mikes ticket!
      2. Jared pushed up 6.1.0 docker
      3. 3940 - Mike will review this week
      4. 3939 - Modification to fedora client to optionally include containment triples in camel toolbox
      5. 3936 - PRs have been merged, but there are some follows still
      6. 3919 - Dan is going to look at it
      7. 3917 - Comment to remove latest
      8. 3912 - Same as 3917
      9. 3796 - Not really any updates to this
  5. Next meeting chair:
    1. Chair: Jared out, so swapping with James