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**Each week a meeting chair will be assigned based on a rotating schedule.**


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  1. Announcements
    1. None this week.
  2. Pop-up/Other Topics
    1. Drupal performance problem raised on Slack; hard to diagnose whether or not this is Fedora-related or something else. Jared suggested it might be somehow related to the high number of HEAD requests that Drupal's virtual Fedora-based file system uses. May also be related to need for Islandora front-end/back-end server separation. More information needed to proceed.
  3. Migration Updates
    1. Doron reported that running migration validation tool against migration performed in HEAD-only mode, the validation tool reports errors. Discussion suggested that this may be related to the need to set a particular flag (-H / --head-only) when running the validation tool; Doron will review and report back if there are still problems.
    2. Demian reports that Villanova will be upgrading to Fedora 6.5 soon.
    3. Dan reports that NLW is setting up a IIIF manifest generation service as a post-migration step.
  4. Updates on
    1. Open tickets
      1. FCREPO-3942
        1. Jared is going to make the Docker release for Camel Toolbox 6.1 now; automation is still worth investigating.
      2. FCREPO-3941
        1. Mike plans to take this; he's assigned it to himself.
      3. FCREPO-3924
        1. Dan plans to take this but hasn't had time yet.
      4. FCREPO-3887
        1. On back burner.
      5. FCREPO-3886
        1. On back burner.
      6. FCREPO-3871
        1. Ongoing until we get a better understanding of GitHub Actions test behavior.
    2. In progress and older but still relevant open tickets:
      1. FCREPO-3935
        1. May be worth some research into past practice regarding maintenance of ontology, etc. Dan and Arran will discuss whether to take to governance.
      2. FCREPO-3796
        1. Dan has a PR that hasn't gotten feedback yet; he will move it to the "in review" state.
    3. In review
      1. FCREPO-3940
        1. PR needs review; Mike's been considering but hasn't had time yet. Will try to find time soon.
      2. FCREPO-3939
        1. Mike will try to test this along with FCREPO-3940.
          1. Jared talked about how to adjust docker-compose settings to make testing easier; it may be worth adding some commented-out notes to the configuration to make this easier to remember.
      3. FCREPO-3938
        1. Small/straightforward PR. Might be possible to test by creating a Tomcat user with a space in the username; if that doesn't work (e.g. because Tomcat encodes the space automatically), then using the header principle provider method may be the next best option. (Jared's Islandora instance uses the header principle provider method). Dan will try to find time to review.
      4. FCREPO-3936
        1. Namespace update PRs went out recently (first step). Dan encountered some problems with Jared's Python-based test mechanism when using an S3 backend, but these problems do not seem to be related to the ocfl-java upgrade (failures occur regardless of ocfl-java version). Jared agrees that this test suite needs work for S3 compatibility, as he does not run it with that use case. Dan will fork and see what we can do; when fixed, maybe we can reincorporate into main repos.
        2. Mike is thinking about testing the migration-utils part of the puzzle.
        3. Jared pointed out that releasing this will be somewhat complex; do we want to release a point release with incremental progress (namespace changes only, no functional changes) before upgrading the rest of the way (latest 2.1.0 release, with functional changes), or should we do this all the way through in a single release?
          1. General consensus: have two distinct commits, but don't waste time making two separate releases.
      5. FCREPO-3922
        1. Jared is working on testing this.
      6. FCREPO-3919
        1. On Dan's list; hasn't had time yet but hopes to finish testing this week.
      7. FCREPO-3917 / FCREPO-3912
        1. Both of these tickets point to the same PR; should be able to resolve that this week.
  5. Backlog tickets to consider working


        1. None this week.