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Steering Group

The Project Steering Group consists of Fedora 4 project founders. This group meets monthly and serves as a management committee for the Fedora project. The project founders are DuraSpace Members Supporting Fedora plus invited stakeholders. A complete list of Steering Group members, including brief profiles, can be found on the Fedora website.

Leadership Group

See Roles and Responsibilities for more about the Fedora Steering Group.

Leadership Group

The Leadership Group is made up of Diamond and Platinum members along with In-Kind Developer contributing institutions and elected members. The Leadership meets monthly with the Steering Group to discuss progress, weigh in on priorities and strategic decisions, and assist more closely with the project--as they are able to--by serving on Working Groups (subcommittees), helping with testing and validation, etc. A complete list of Leadership Group members can be found on the Fedora website.

See Roles and Responsibilities for more about the Fedora Leadership Group.

Development Team

The Fedora 4 Technical Team is a group of developers who have been "contributed" part-time to the project by their sponsoring institutions/organizations.  Many of the team members are Fedora committers.  The tech team is also responsible for maintenance of Fedora 3: