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    1. Open Tickets (but assigned in some cases): I saved this filter and tried to make it public...?
      serverFedora JIRA
    2.  In Progress and older but still relevant open tickets:
      serverFedora JIRA
      jqlQueryproject = "FCREPO" and status = "In Progress" ORDER BY created DESC
    3. In Review:
      serverFedora JIRA
      jqlQueryproject = "FCREPO" and status = "In Review" ORDER BY created DESC
  1. Backlog Tickets to consider working:
  2. Next Meeting Chair: 
    1. Chair: Ben Pennell (in place for Demian Katz)
    2. Note Taker: Dan Field

See Rotating Schedule here 


  1. Community conversation is scheduled for May 3rd. Simeon Warner will be attending to provide the OCFL.
  2. Popup topics
    1. New website for Fedora is being developed, the technical specifications document will be used to update the content on this new website. 
    2. OCFL update, does this have any impact on the data in Amazon or is it just a simple change of how it is accessed.
    3. Postgres 12 is EOL this November. We should try newer versions of all the databases.
    4. Still working on this Solr indexing issue.
  3. No migration updates
  4. Tickets discussion
  5. Documentation conversation
    1. Not looking backwards, but just starting new for Fedora 6.
    2. Mike suggesting we setup a new unpublished page and work as part of the tech meetings to define what we would like in the menu.
    3. Look at pages and if not needed add a label of "delete", then we will review these as a group.
  6. Josh has stopped using the AWS and is using the filesystem with an AWS mountpoint, is getting to 70-80 file opens per second but needs it to 1000 to complete