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See Rotating Schedule here 


Present - 
Ben Pennell 
James Alexander
Arran Griffith 
Demian Katz 
Thomas Bernhart 
Michael Ritter

Arrived later -
Rosie Le Faive
Josh Badel 
Jared Whiklo



  1. Arran now has the master Dura keys.
    Technical Specifications Document Updates doc appears here -
    that needs updating.

2. Thomas - Peter has posted a new release, 2.1.0 of OCFL-java with improvements to S3 performance. 
This should be reposted in the Tech Channel.

3. Postgres 12 - there needs to be performance testing to check if the version could be bumped. 
This goes End Of Life in November this year. So this would be one of the dependencies we would check, starting with a recent version. 

4. Thread from Google group on 4-6 upgrade - Jared has been responding to this.

[ Arran left and Demian chaired] 

Tickets - a long list without filters

3929 - a nice feature would be to not migrate deleted datastreams in MigUtils
       Decision - should this be ON by default
3928 - Reverse proxy documentation lives under Tomcat deployment section 
     (ie it is documented and ticket should be closed). 
     Thomas will add a new ticket for documenting additional config of a proxy 
     The Deployment section -
     could be re-written, to be clearer
3932 - There would need to be some sort of regex/pattern match to filter updates 
    (the ticket is pretty detailed) but would depend on the triplestore you are using.
    Discussion - Blazegraph is quite slow. Fuseki queries need to be optimised to run in a performant way.
    Summary - sparql endpoints are slow. Could try a filter first and see how slowly it runs.
3931 - File extensions are reported to not be working correctly. 

In progress tickets 
3922 - Mike has a PR but may need further work
Dan has tickets - 3887, 3886, 38712, 3796

3923 - Dan, a ticket for removing one-clcik next release
3573 - update Solr Quick Guide documentation

In Review

3919 & 3917 - Dan's tickets
3912 - still a comment on this one
3897 - change error message - Jared will take this ticket 

Next week

Note taking - Jared will take notes, swapping with Thomas 
Chair - Arran Griffith