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  1. Announcements
    1. User group gathering at Open Repositories, starting some planning for Sweden.
    2. Fedora will be at TCDL Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, second day at 7:00 AM!!!
  2. Pop-up topics: Emily and Ayoub from Emory University.
    1. Tomcat docker container for Working with Hyrax 5, Valkyrie, Fedora 6 and AWS for storage. Issue upgrading from the 6.4.0 docker container to the 6.5.0 causes encoded slash issues. Some issue with the Tomcat underneath. Tomcat will not accept encoded slashes anymore.
    2. Also need to update the base Tomcat tag. 
    3. Hyrax 5, Valkyrie, Fedora 6 and AWS for storage.
    4. Adding Feature request to add in to the HTML UI the hash path to the object in the OCFL root.
    5. Files persisted to S3 are not getting a mime-type in their AWS metadata. Seems like this is how Hyrax persists. The mime-type is stored in a separate container and not on the actual binary, so it becomes application/octet-stream.
  3. Slack topics
    1. Fedora to OCFL hash ids - new ticket generated
    2. Doron's question about how we track objects in the index. Would it be faster to hold that list in memory? Would we run out of memory?
  4. David Wilcox is the keymaster and we are asking if he can give some keys to Arran to perhaps make some changes to make Jira a little more user friendly. Also to open sharing of filters. View tickets without logging in.
  5. Discussion of use of Archival Groups in migration utils, should we change the default to Atomic. 
    1. Which you use is really dependant on your particular use case and data model.
    2. Arran is going to set up a community call to discuss why people might choose one over the other.