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It is anticipated that the customisation features described in the JSPUI and XMLUI customisation sections will be sufficient to satisfy the needs of the majority of users, however, some users may want to customise DSpace further, or just have a greater understanding of how to do so.

Table of Contents

Additions module

This module was added in DSpace 3.0 and should be used to store dspace-api changes, custom plugins, ... Classes placed in [dspace-source]/dspace/modules/additions will override those located in the dspace-api. This module will be used for all the webapps located in the [dspace-source]/dspace/modules directory and in the command line interface. It is recommended to place all dspace-api changes in this module so the changes made are contained in a single module, making it easier to get an overview of changes made.

Maven WAR Overlays

Much of the customisation described in the JSPUI and XMLUI customisation sections is based on Maven WAR Overlays. In short, any classes or files placed in [dspace-source]/dspace/modules/* will be overlayed onto the selected WAR. This includes both new and amended files.